Buy a Verisure alarm through Casa Bailar with benefits

We have bought a Verisure alarm for the dance school – and now you can get a Verisure alarm with the following benefits:

1. You get a no-obligation visit with a free security check as well as an attractive offer on the market’s best-selling alarm system.

By purchasing an alarm from Verisure, you also support Casa Bailar financially. We use the support to book exciting teachers / musicians from home and abroad, who will teach or play with us when possible again. Hereby we can offer several fantastic events at advantageous prices.

3. You will be served by Jeppe Herrestrup who has also installed the alarm at the dance school (Industrivej 44C in Roskilde). Jeppe is an experienced consultant who ensures that you get an equally good experience and a solution that takes into account your wishes and needs.

To book a no-obligation visit:

Call Jeppe on 51636767 or write an SMS with the text Casa Bailar.

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