Corona update – dance school

We take care of you … and ask you to take care of us ….!

In the light of the Government’s recent announcement on Corona, we would like to remind you of the precautions we still have here at Casa Bailar.

We continues with that:

– make gloves, bandages and alcohol available, and it is always visible.- alcohol and hand washing are a must for everyone.

– spray door handles and other surfaces of before and after teaching.- not to change / change partner in teaching.

– we (Mia / Søren) find a replacement partner in case of cancellation and illness (we will do our best)

other than that intensified that:

– you wait outside the dance hall

– preferably down by the benches at the entrance or in the bar, if it is the large room in which we dance

– we do not hug each other before, during or after dance – but instead only exchange the Corona greeting 😊.

Dance class and planned events (less than 50 participants) may continue unchanged for the time being. If there are restrictions on the part of the authorities, which means that we have to cancel, we will of course reimburse for lost tuition and canceled events.

We hope you will all help us and each other to comply with the above precautions so that we can all continue to enjoy the dance and community together – but at a distance 😊.

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