Enjoy life at Casa Bailar Studio

Now that you have to train outdoors, we could no longer wait and have immediately arranged a lot of exciting workshops.

Among other things, we have invited Anja Stryhn from Salsa Næstved to Casa Bailar Studio. Anja is going to teach her LatinoDance concept. This is the first time that Anja teaches at Casa Bailar. She is otherwise a well-known face in Roskilde. At the same time, she is allowed to be the one who inaugurates the courtyard. This event also marks that we and Anja will do a lot of exciting things together in the future.

In addition, we have invited Steffen from Salsa Clave again. He wants to mix in his workshop reggaeton , salsaton & sine eget fun latin moves.
Steffen comes to teach us a lot of cool steps, which he then puts together for Casa Bailar’s own joint dance. Maybe the new “par me Casa”?

In addition, Kartine from Movement Society is starting outdoor training. You can participate all 5 times from 20.03.2021 at 10. Just come the times that suit one. We hope you welcome her. We are pleased that we can now finally get started with that collaboration as well.

But there is so much more in the pipeline ….. just Mette mom is not shutting the country down again.

We can tell you that we are in the process of planning more Bachata & Brunch, 2 concerts, several outdoor workshops, bootcamps (both for Pole dancers and the Salsa people) and much much much more ……

Look forward to seeing the new premises and to the many new events :-). At least we look forward to seeing you !!!

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