Intimate concert m. Tobias Trier & band @CasaBailar – Roskilde

Whimsical troubadour comes to Roskilde.

The modern man’s longings, lusts and anguish are intertwined with a twinkle in the eye of the whimsical troubadour Tobias Trier when he visits Casa Bailar in Roskilde with his orchestra on Friday 22 May 2021.

Tobias Trier takes up a lot of space on a stage, even though he is only 1.79 tall and weighs 69 kilos.

A slender man with many words and catchy melodies who loves to entertain the audience. The first time he really stood on stage, he was only 13 years old. It was for Leif Sylvester’s wedding in Cirkus Himmelblås tent. And he was there because he is the son of Red Mother musician Troels Trier. Since then, he has taken a significant step out of his father’s shadow and established himself as a self-recognized troubadour and entertainer. He has released an album about every three years since he debuted with “Behind the Blue Blinds in the year 2000. He holds concerts all over the country because his personal fuel is the audience’s reactions.

“When I stand on a stage, I turn on. I embark on a journey that I never quite know where it will end. I have the music in my blood. I love taking the audience on the journey and letting their input help determine the path, ”says Tobias Trier.

And it is precisely Tobias Trier’s homely behavior on a stage that creates a special atmosphere among the audience when he cheekily mixes pop, hip hop, Latin American rhythms and surprising breaks. And when he delivers love songs, where Trine rhymes with margarine, and songs about light sailors who are buried in apple puree and on the spot compose songs for the women in the hall, it is very difficult not to get carried away.

“I use music as a way to process my life. I hope others can get something out of it too. I learned from my mother Dea Trier Mørch, who was a writer, that you have to write about something that means something to yourself. So as my life changes, so do my songs, ”says Tobias Trier.

He promises that a concert with him is always an intense and musical experience.

“My motto is that music should be physical. Music should make people cry, laugh or dance. Such are my concerts, they bring the audience through the whole emotional register ” Time:
Tapas: 19.30 – 20.45 (purchase before the concert)

Concert: kl. 21.00-22.45 (incl. Break)

(Drinks are not allowed. Wine, beer, soda & water can be bought at the bar)

Concert 150 kr.
(Casa Bailar members DKK 125)

Tapas alm. 150 kr.

Vegetarian / vegan tapas SEK 175.

Quotes from reviews:

“Tobias’ poetic songs are at once reminiscent of an early Thomas Helmig, Kim Larsen’s’ Værsgo ‘, Dan Turell, Søren Kragh-Jacobsen’s’ Mona’ and even Cornelis Vreeswick, but at the same time the music and words taste to that degree of the present” BT

“It is difficult to make the smile sink after almost two hours in the company of Tobias Trier and his band. The concert at Rytmeposten was a true mood bomb, where Trier’s glorious anecdotes fell into a terrific musical playroom ”Fyens Stiftstidende.

“He masters at once all the crazy and almost psychedelic to the touching and beautiful” Nordjyske

A little more about Tobias & band:

Tobias Trier

Singer, musician, composer, lyricist.

Born 13 February 1973 in Copenhagen. Raised on Østerbro in Copenhagen. Student from Aurehøj Gymnasium 1991. Educated General Music Teacher from the Royal Danish Conservatory of Music 1996.

Music releases in his own name: Behind the blue blinds (EMI 2000), The truth about Britina Castello (EMI 2001), The girl who calls (EMI 2004), Green hearts (A: larm music 2006), Krydsklip (A: larm music 2008), Electric rain (Target 2012), Typhoon (Vibration 2017).

Has written music and songs for “Mr. Bohm Og Silden ”(Teatret Kaleidoskop 2002),“ Den Gyldne Maritime ”in collaboration with the author Jens Blendstrup (Kanonhallen 2002),“ En Skærsommernats Drøm ”(Folketeatret 2004), the documentary“ Hjemløs ”(DR1 2004), the documentary“ Grænseløs kærlighed ” (DR1 2005) and the cinema film “Green Hearts” 2006. The silent film “Safety load” by Harold Lloyd which was shown in Filmhuset, Copenhagen 2008. Songs and music for the bodega musical “Let me die in the fall from a bar stool” (Teater Momentum 2010). Has written songs and performed with Kenneth Thordal, Carsten Lykke and Oliver Zahle in the group Herredømmet and with Kaspar Parby Vig and Per Worm in the group Dyst. Has written and performed the sing-with-theater performances “DIRIGENTEN” (Rialto: teatret 2016) and “For enden af regnbuen” (Nørrebro theater 2018).

Sara Saxild

Born 1975 in Jutland. Student from Bjerringbro gymnasium. Trained music educator from Jysk Musikkonservatorium. Bassist and co-composer in the internationally recognized group Under Byen which existed from 1998-2012. Has performed with Under Byen several times on tour in the US and elsewhere abroad. Has been part of Nikolaj Nørlund’s group Rhonda Harris and has played bass for Niels Skousen.

Jacob Melchior

Born 1971 and raised in Copenhagen. Residing in New York as a professional drummer from 1994-2014. Released the album It’s About Time in 2010. Has performed as a drummer at the following festivals: The Blue Note (Seoul, Korea), Montreal Jazz Festival (Montreal, QB); Notting Hill Carnival (London, UK); Bossa Nova (Abruzzo, Italy), Copenhagen Jazz Festival (Copenhagen, DK) and Cirque Voador (Rio De Janeiro, BR)

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