K-pop dance in Roskilde

Perfect Christmas gift for your teenager!

K-POP DANCE with Maykel Fidel

As the very first in Roskilde, we offer K-pop dance as a class. If you love K-pop, and if you want to learn the hottest K-pop dance moves, then our K-pop team is just for you. Our dance teacher Maykel will teach you the basic dance steps so you can dance to your favorite dance videos on Youtube. The team is for children between 11-17 years, who want to have fun and dance to the music they love the most – namely KPOP! All you have to do is move on to music from BTS, STRAYKIDS, BLACK PINK, TWICE, EXO and many more. No dancing experience required. At the end of the season, we make our very own K-pop dance video, which you can take home and share with friends and family.

Casa Bailar Maykel Fidel Dance Teacher Bachata & K-pop

What is K-pop and K-pop dance?
In K-pop, there is actually music for everyone, because K-pop is a mix of pop music, as the name indicates, but you can also find R&B, funk, rap, soul, hip hop, jazz and much more in K-pop. At the same time, K-pop also changes as the music changes in the world, so there is always something for everyone. Originally, K-pop (Korean pop) originated in South Korea, but the wave of K-pop music band and dance has also hit the rest of the globe. Like music, dance is influenced by many different styles and genres from around the world, such as hip hop, R&B, funk, house, reggae on top of its traditional Korean music and dance roots.

At this level you are a beginner or have tried a few other dances e.g. HipHop or MGP dance etc.

Thursdays at 16.20-17.20

Industrivej 44 C
4000 Roskilde
Large hall

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