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A life of dancing from cradle to grave

Both Mia and Søren Krogaard have both danced since they were very young. To begin with, however, they were not in the same dance universe. Mia has tried a bit of everything in dance, including jazz dance, standard-latin, belly dance, flamenco and much more. Søren was a bit more of a hip-hop and Michael-Jackson-kind-of-style guy. But what they both have in common is that they have spent many hours in dance schools in their lives.

In 2002, fate would see them meet on a Salsa course at Freddy Pedersen’s dance school and ever since, dance has filled much of their and their children’s lives.

And both expect to keep dancing until death do them part and the dance …

Project management & marketing in the bag

Mia has been employed in the retail industry for over 13 years. Here she has i.a. work with branding, marketing, design and project management. So project management and marketing events is no challenge for Mia. Here she is at home.

In recent years, Mia has also been responsible for various company events such as workshops, parties and travel.

Mia is educated Zumba instructor , and can actually also be booked for teaching as well as for events such as bachelor parties, birthdays etc.

Everything can be rebuilt and everything can be decorated

Søren is independent and has been independent most of his life. He owns the enterprise company Krogaard Byg.

Søren has always been responsible for decorating private parties both at home with friends and family. He has unleashed his creativity for birthdays, gala dinners, weddings and more. He has, for example installed whole trees inside and he never goes down on equipment and is a real gadget man. And if 200 Christmas balls are not enough, then of course more are bought.

Søren shows time and time again his creativity and attention to detail. This is noticed and admired both in his enterprise company, but also when it comes to dressing up for a party.

The beginning of the adventure

In addition to her job, Mia has been on the board of Denmark’s largest Salsa association for several years;Salsa Latina in Roskilde. And it was not an easy decision to step out of the “family” that the board has also been.

IN Salsa Latina Mia was very active and a bit of a steam locomotive. Among other things, she was responsible for holding various events, parties, dance workshops and marketing.

For some of these events, Søren has been responsible for the decor, table setting and decorations; including October parties, Christmas and New Year parties.

To travel is to live...
To dance is to live ...

Several times a year, Mia and Søren travel to various festivals and concerts in Europe to learn new things and gather inspiration. But also to meet musicians, dancers and teachers, who they can invite to various events in Roskild e and surroundings.

Fixed on the program is, among other things Nordic Salsa Camp in Brandbjerg. But they have also been to Cuba in 2017 with the whole family, where they danced to every single occasion they got. They booked some private lessons and heard lots of great music on their trip around the island.

Already now they have booked several festivals and concerts in 2021.

From Salsa to Oktoberfest - DK gets added color

Mia, who is German, has over the years infected Søren and the whole family as well as the Salsa Association with her passion for October parties. So far, it has resulted in several October parties in Salsa Latina and in private.

Two years ago, they even managed to get a dance-lovers group together to learn Schuhplattler (a traditional German dance style), which they have now performed with in 2 rounds. The group can be booked if anyone is interested in a special feature for their October party ;-).

In 2021, this passion for German beer and horn music will hopefully culminate in a major Oktoberfest in Hvalsø Hallerne .

With the future in mind - "it will be good again!"

Corona in 2020 has to that extent also influenced Casa Bailar. Casa Bailar went from a packed event calendar and with a planned season start of 6 dance teams into 2020. The first 2 events were a success. Casa Bailar event (CB-event) also managed to decorate a 70th birthday party at Gimle. CB event was actually booked to stand for more confirmations and birthdays, but then the country shut down.

Therefore, the calendar is almost empty at the moment, but Søren and Mia do not stop here. They look ahead and work with the future in mind. All the good ideas that lie on the drawing board should definitely not go into oblivion. And as it said on a stone, which they received from their youngest daughter:
“It’s going to be good again!”

'Pay it forward' - about doing good deeds

Basically, ‘pay it forward’ is about giving, without asking what you get in return. At the same time, you do not expect to receive a return at a later date. 

Mia has grown up with this philosophy of life. So it is natural for Søren and Mia that you have to help where you can and do good deeds just because … without thinking of profit.

They also do this in Casa Bailar. So in recent years, free tickets to events, money for a children’s hospice, etc. have been sponsored. And every year, the Krogaard family packs Christmas aid boxes that financially affected families can request. We also like to set up events with children and young people with special challenges. So feel free to contact us if we can make a difference.

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