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What is bachata?

Bachata is a rhythmic couple dance with soft movements, which has become incredibly popular in Denmark within the last 10 years.
The dance originated in the Dominican Republic, but in the West has developed its own style – bachata sensual and bachata fusion.

Bachata is generally characterised by quieter music than salsa, for example, and bachata fusion/sensual is usually more romantic, present and sensual.
Dancing is done in an open position, but you often also get very close to your partner, where many feel that they are in a kind of dance symbiosis with each other.
In Casa Bailar we currently dance primarily bachata fusion. 

Come and join us when Casa Bailar fills Roskilde with delicious Caribbean rhythms.
We have classes at several levels, from beginner to advanced.
We’ll go through dance steps and variations so you’re ready to hit the social dance floor.

Casa Bailar and our instructors provide good music and a thorough introduction to the dance, the teams are small, so there is plenty of time to work on musicality, moves and leading technique.
Sign up with or without a dance partner. Casa Bailar will strive for a balance between drivers and followers.

New season starts after Easter!

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