Bachelorette party arrangement

Bachelorette party - dance for the bride, groom and the guests

Let us help with the planning.

Poledance, twerk, chairdance, aerial hoop for your bachelor party

'A wild experience that pushes boundaries' at your bachelor party

Experience a fun and different lesson with our professional instructor, who will teach you basic techniques and amazing spins you never thought possible. There will be demanding exercises, red cheeks and lots of laughter.

In this class we practice a small joint dance choreography that everyone can participate in. This is about expression, rhythm and being able to follow along, and you will get a great feeling when it all claps. The whole company can join in, or the person in focus can have a whole private hour with the company as the audience for your bachelorette party event.

Caribbean atmosphere in Roskilde for your bachelor party

'Pardans/solo dance in salsa or bachata' to get your bachelor party started

Experience a fun and different hour together for your bachelor party, where our dance teacher teaches you the basic steps and turns to either Salsa or Bachata.

For couple dancing, you learn to take your first dance steps together, while in the solo lesson you practice a small joint dance choreography, which everyone can participate in. This is about music, rhythm and being able to follow along, and for a short while you will feel like you are in the Caribbean Sea in the middle of Roskilde. You can use the learned steps for the wedding party, so you can add color to the dance floor.

Dance bar in Roskilde Event Bureau

Prices & Info


(55 min.) Price:
1-8 people: 1000 kr. // In addition to 8 people, DKK 125 extra per person
(eg 10 people: DKK 1250)
15-20 people: DKK 1800 (DISCOUNT PRICE)


(55 min.) Price:
1-15 people: 1500 kr.
16-30 people: 2000 kr

Chairdance / Stoledans

(55 min.) Price:
1-15 people: 1500 kr.
16-30 people: 2000 kr.

Aerial hoop

(55 min.) Price:
1-8 people: 1000 kr. // In addition to 8 people, DKK 125 extra per person
(eg 10 people: DKK 1250)
15-20 people: DKK 1800 (DISCOUNT PRICE)

Couple Dance / Solo Dance

(Salsa, bachata, line dance, ballet etc.) (55 min.) price:
1-15 people: 1500 kr.
16 – 30 persons: 2000 kr.
31 – 200 persons: 2500 kr.

Package offer

Package offer of the above (75 min.) (2 activities) price:
1-15 people: 2250 kr.
16-30 people: 2750 kr.

Info and registration

More info is available and registration can be seen via . Or contact us on telephone no .: 53642177. For larger groups contact us also at ‘’ get info about price etc.

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The whole company can participate, or the person in focus can have a completely private lesson with the whole company as the audience. Our dedicated instructors / dance teacher will make sure that you have a fun, educational and not least completely unforgettable dance class with us.


For lessons booked outside the dance studio, some driving is charged, including wages and mileage.

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What is a bachelorette party?

Polterabend is a combination of the two German words Poltern and Abend, meaning “rumble, roar, noise” and “evening”, respectively.

Over time, bachelorette parties have become an event where a bridal couple celebrates approx. a week or two before their wedding to wish them good luck in their new life or (for someone) to give them a hint with a cartwheel about all the fun they will soon miss in their marriage.

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How does it take place?

Typically, the bride / groom does not know when their bachelor party is, and it is typically planned by their close friends, who arrange the whole day, and make sure to invite those who are to join.

A bachelor party is typically held separately for men and women in Denmark, ie. it is largely only men who attend the groom’s bachelorette party, and only women at the bride’s bachelorette party.

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Activities at a bachelor party?

There are oceans of possibilities of what to do on a bachelorette party. The framework is set by those who arrange the day / evening and by the budget that is available.

If you lack inspiration for your bachelor party, then we can help spar around the possibilities. But we can also help plan part or all of your bachelorette party. You can book events such as twerk, pole dance, salsa lessons and much more through us. Read more above or seek inspiration here:

How do we work at CB-event?

NOTE – as a starting point, make sure you have a music system if we come out to you. Be aware, however, that either a telephone, computer or similar can be connected via jackstick or bluetooth. By prior arrangement, however, we can also bring a system (we just need access to electricity). However, the system must be ordered when booking the room.

What does it cost at CB-event?

Please read under the individual types of events. Or write and get quotes on what you will not find the answer to:

Members of CasaBailar member club can get 15% discount booking of events.

Booking & Confirmation at CB event

We can be booked weekday and weekend evenings as well as daytime on weekends. By special agreement, events can also be booked during weekday hours.

You / you receive an email with all necessary information incl. with payment information once you have booked. After the payment has been completed, you will receive an email confirming your booking. Once you have received this email, the agreement is binding on both sides. The email is also your receipt. If canceled no later than two weeks before, half of the amount will be refunded. If you cancel later, the money will not be refunded.

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