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Dance lessons in Roskilde

What is Casa Bailar Studio?

We are a dance school in R oskilde – close to Trekroner station.

We only have small teams, so there is time to learn technique and body movement as well as time to work with music understanding.

We offer dance lessons in Latin American dances as well as kizomba, reggaeton, k-pop etc. for both children, young people and adults. Over time, we would like to expand with more styles.

Right now we are working on putting together an exciting program for dance lessons in season 1, which will hopefully start no later than d. May 21, 2021

Casa Bailar's first team from bachata dance lessons (2020)

Dance team

16:20-17:20(B) Latin/mix 6-10 årBegynderNadiaTilmeld
17:30-18:30(B) TikTok Dance 10-15 årBegynderNadiaTilmeld
18:40-19:40(V) Kizomba For Par: IntermediateLetøvetTobias & LisbethTilmeld
19:50-20:50(V) Kizomba For Par: ImproverFortsætterTobias & LisbethTilmeld
21:00-22:00(V) Kizomba For Par: BeginnerBegynderTobias & LisbethTilmeld
17:30-18:30(V) Afro Cuban RumbaOpen level /alleElenaTilmeld
18:40-19:40(V) Salsa Lady Styling: Improver/intermediateFortsætter / LetøvetElenaTilmeld
19:50-20:50(V) Salsa Suelta: Improver/intermediateFortsætter / LetøvetElenaTilmeld
21:00-22:00Begynder/Intro Salsa/BachataIntro/BegynderMiaTilmeld
17:30-18:30(V) Bachata For Par: IntermediateLetøvetMaykel & ChristinaTilmeld
18:40-19:40(V) Bachata For Par: ImproverFortsætterMaykel & ChristinaTilmeld
19:50-20:50(V) Bachata For Par: BeginnerBegynderMaykel & ChristinaTilmeld
18:40-19:40(V) Kizomba Lady StylingOpen level /alleLisbethTilmeld
16:20-17:20(U) K-pop dance: 13 - 18 årOpen level /alleMaykelTilmeld
17:30-18:30(V) Salsa For Par: ImproverFortsætterMaykel & ElenaTilmeld
18:40-19:40(V) Salsa For Par: BeginnerBegynderMaykel & ElenaTilmeld
19:50-21:30(U) Salsa / Bachata Mix For Par: 15 - 29 årBegynderMaykel & ElenaTilmeld
B = Børnehold, U = Ungdomshold, V = Voksenhold


Practical information

Make sure you wear some clothing that you feel comfortable in and that gives you freedom of movement.

Since you can easily sweat during dancing, it can be a good idea to have an extra T-shirt / shirt / top with you, so you can change along the way as needed.

For dance lessons, it is not necessary to invest in real dance shoes from the start. The most important thing is that the shoe fits well and the sole should be smooth. At Lady Styling, however, a shoe with a heel is preferable.

You must be able to make turns effortlessly and without too much friction against the floor, as otherwise you can strain your knee joints and feet in the long run.

Outdoor shoes must not be used in the studio.

Perfume or not:
A good deodorant is always a good idea, but be careful with too strong perfume scent. Some can not tolerate perfume, while others do not like too strong scents.

Prices & discounts

Prices per. 1/4 – 2021:
1 hour of tuition basically costs DKK 100.

Member discount: as a member of Casa Bailar you can get a 10% discount on registration for dance teams and various events.

Student discount: If you are a student and can present a valid student ID, you can get a 5% discount on registration for dance lessons and various events.

The discounts cannot be combined. With the exception of membership and the student discount.

In general regarding dance lessons

There are always 2 dance teachers (lady & man = leader and follower) on our dance team for couples.

On our Cuban salsa team, we only dance couples; not rueda. 

You only commit for 7-8 weeks at a time. Ie. that we also start new teams up every 7-8 weeks.

We refund for lost dance lessons, should it happen that we have to cancel due to too few registrations, Corona related restrictions, etc.

Parquet floors are standard equipment in our dance halls. 

You get access to teaching videos from each lesson and access to playlists with the music from the dance lessons.

We are happy to help find a partner.  

Contact us today

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Otherwise you are also very welcome to contact us at:

Telephone: +45 53 64 21 77