Casa Bailar Pole FAQ

Casa Bailar Pole FAQ


Is it only slim girls who can go for pole fitness?

With us, it does not matter what size you are. Anyone can join. And since we only have small teams with max. 10- 12 pr. teams, we create a good unity among the students.

Age limit?

We have an age limit of 15 years. If you are under 18, however, we must have a signature from a parent. You are very welcome to bring your mother / sister / similar so they can see what pole fitness is.

Do I need to be trained to go to pole fitness?

Polefitness is just a form of training like any other, where you start as a beginner, and quietly build strength and technique. The teams are of course adapted to the individual students and their level.

What are you wearing?

For the pole hours: Usually we train in shorts (hotpants) and short-sleeved t-shirts or a top.
The kneecaps and arms must at least be free, as otherwise it would be impossible to get a grip on the pole. But to start with, you can wear clothes that you feel comfortable in. And as time goes on, you quickly find out what you thought was nice and functional. You are welcome to wear long trousers and a sweater for the warm-up, so you get good warmth in the body before training. Also read the team description for each team, because we recommend long trousers and a jersey for aerial hoop and stretching, for example.

What shoes are used?

We generally train in bare feet or socks. Outdoor shoes must not be used inside the premises.

What to remember when going to class?

A small towel to wipe the pole off with.
A large towel to put over the mat, or bring your own mat if you have it.
Avoid using creams or oils before the lesson, as you will then find it impossible to use the pole (get a grip on the pole).
As far as possible, avoid having nail polish on your toes as it spreads on the floor.
No ringing on the fingers, as they may break on the pole.

Unsubscribe is not possible – registration is binding

If you sign up for a team lasting 8 weeks, the registration is binding. You can also not transfer your place to someone else unless it has been agreed in advance with your instructor.

Relating to waiting list for permanent teams and freestyle teams

If you signed up for a team, you will be the first to know when registration for next season’s team opens. IN our booking system for the freestyle teams, it is also possible to get on a waiting list for a place on the freestyle teams. You can book yourself for the free training classes and on the waiting list for the free training classes via the app or online.

Freestyle classes & open pole / hoop

The free training class are free hours, and in addition to the hours that are part of the regular teams. In addition, there are the open pole & open hoop classes, where there is no instructor, so you must be able to warm up properly and train independently.

Equipment for pole hours

You will need long training pants, socks and a long-sleeved blouse for warming up, and shorts / hotpants, sports bra and sleeveless top for the training itself. Remember a cloth to wipe the pole off in and a towel to lay on one of our mats. You are also welcome to bring your own mat.

Equipment for hoop classes

You will need long leggings, socks and a long-sleeved blouse for warming up, sports bra and sleeveless top for the workout itself. Remember a towel to lay on one of our mats. You are also welcome to bring your own mat.

What are you wearing to pole dance?

We dance modern dance on bare feet or stockings. Sometimes in shorts, but mostly with long pants. Knee pads can be an advantage as we often have knees in the floor at floorwork.