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Do you dream of a good camaraderie, better physical condition and do you want to develop your body awareness and rhythm. Then try Casa Bailar pole and hoop.

We are ready to welcome you to a fun and new way of training.
You might also make a new friend to train with.

There are no physical requirements, we help and guide you to build strength and flexibility.

We always have small teams with max. 11 students. 

Small classes allow the instructor to adapt the level of training to you and your teammates and there is time for all students to receive attention and the right instruction according to their level.

In Casa Bailar Pole and hoop you will have the possibility to book up to 3 classes per week. In addition, we offer members various free pole & hoop training.
Find them under “Open pole or hoop” in the team schedule.

We have teams that are combined by 2 different levels. This means that as long as you are at one of the levels, you can join the team. 

Pole/hoop teams such as level 2-3 are for anyone who has reached level 2, even if they have just moved up from level 1. 

The instructor makes sure to have tricks for both levels in the class, so there are challenges for everyone.

If you would like to book a trial lesson at Casa Bailar Pole, to see if it’s for you, click the button below or write to kontakt@casabailar.dk. 

Rehearsals are usually held on Sundays at 10.30 and Tuesdays at 18.30 on our pole intro team

Registration form for pole / hoop

NOTE: To join pole/hoop you must register for team sports, which is done via the form below.
Once you have signed up via team sports, you will be charged the monthly subscription & registration fee.
So fill out this form only if you want to train with us permanently!

Pole and hoop team - 8 weeks course

How does the monthly quota work?

  • It costs 349 DKK per month for up to 3 simultaneous bookings (e.g. 1 x pole level, 1 x stretch and 1 x pole dance). Payment will be made automatically once you have registered using the registration form below.
  • You can also book open hoop & pole classes, where you can train independently without instructors. 
  • The registration fee is 150 DKK. + 9 kr. from team sports
  • There is a 30-day trial period, after which there is a 1-month commitment.
    If you re-register at a later date, you will have to pay the registration fee again.
  • You book your lessons via team sports. 
  • You can sign up until 5 min. before classes if there are places available and there is a waiting list. 
  • You can cancel your bookings on holdsport.dk.
    This must be done at least 2 hours before your lesson starts.
    No show-fee is 50 kr. which will be charged via teamsport.
  • You can suspend your membership if you are pregnant, travelling for a long time, on long-term sick leave (e.g. Corona), etc.
    Must be done  with 1 month’s notice, valid from the end of the following month.
    Please write and attach documentation to: kontakt@casabailar.dk.
  • Withdrawal must be made in writing with 1 month’s notice and is effective from the end of the following month.
    (For example, if you cancel on 12 May, your membership will end on 30 June. I.e. you pay for April and May.)

    Please write to: kontakt@casabailar.dk.
    When cancelling membership, the first name, surname, date of birth and membership number must be provided. The member will then receive an email from Casa Bailar and from Holdsport acknowledging the termination. Receipts for the termination must be produced by the member in case of doubt.

Clip card: it is still possible to buy a clip card if you can/want to train only occasionally or if you want to train more than 3 hours. You can buy the card in the webshop at casabailar.dk and you will get it the first time you come to the training.

If you sign up in August, you get September for free

About Holdsport.dk

You must register via holdsport.dk. Use the form above.
Then you ask to become a member of Casa Bailar. Once we have approved the membership, you will automatically be charged for the monthly fee and the registration fee.

If you have not paid the monthly fee, you will not be able to register for teams via team sports.

If you have challenges, then you must finally write to maria@casabailar.dk

If you are starting pole for the first time, follow our pole intro course, which is on Tuesday at 6.30pm or Sunday at 10.30am.

Here there is extra good time to explain techniques and build strength from scratch. Spins, simple tricks and getting up the bar with your head down will be taught.

NOTE: We recommend that you get in training clothes and bring shorts that go over the knees, as we need to use the skin to get stuck in the bars. In addition, you must have a washcloth to wipe the pole off, as well as a towel for an exercise mat or your own exercise mat.

Pole level 1 is for you who have completed a pole intro course or have tried a little bit of pole before.

This team continues to be taught the spins and tricks that have been covered in the intro course, as well as some new tricks both upside down.

The focus at level 1 is to make you more comfortable and safe at the pole.

Most need to be at level 1 for more than 8 weeks. It is the instructor who assesses when you are ready to move on to level 2. If you feel that you are about to be ready, contact your instructor. Some of the tricks you need to know to get to level 2 are: Butterfly, Viva, Cross knee release and genius.

At level 2, we build on the skills you have acquired at level 1. Level 2 is a very broad level with many exciting and challenging tricks. It will definitely be an advantage to use our agility hours, as some tricks from level 2 and 3 require some agility to complete them.

The focus at level 2 is endurance and combining the tricks you learn into small series.

Most people need to be at level 2 for a longer period of time as we need to make sure that one’s muscles and technique are ready for the next level. It is the instructor who assesses when you are ready to move on to level 3, if you feel that you are about to be ready, contact your instructor. Some of the tricks you need to know to get to level 3 are: Extended butterfly, jade, make a longer combo, sailor, cross ankle release, superman, bow and arrow.

Level 3 is advanced level. It is expected here that you have built up strength, and know your own limitations to train safely in more difficult tricks. Greater demands are made on agility, strength and balance.

New exciting tricks will be made. Focus on level 3 will be new tricks, maintaining his skills, but at the same time being graceful all the way through his combos.

Most are very long at level 3, there are many new tricks to learn and difficult grips. At the same time you have to maintain many of your basic skills from level 1 and 2. It is the instructor who assesses whether you are ready for level 4. To get to level 4 you must be able to do tricks like handspring, elbow grip Ayesha, sneaky V, dangerous Brian and twisted grip walkover.

Level 4 is an elite team, and the highest level. Here all tricks and flips must be done. Here, difficult tricks are made, which place high demands on agility, strength and courage. Combo will be made, which requires that you are confident in your grip and balance. Flips are also a big part of level 4.

At the pole dance class we play with choreography and dance in Poland. The team is all levels and we work on putting spins, floorwork and rhythm together for a dance. We work for several weeks with the same choreography, where we build more each time, and work to get details in place. We dance modern dance in bare feet or stockings. Sometimes in shorts, but mostly with long pants. Knee pads can be an advantage as we often have knees in the floor at floorwork.

Right now, unfortunately, Twerk is not offered. We are working on finding a new instructor.
Attire: Feel free to bring leg warmers and / or knee pads. Remember loose pants / shorts, so you can really make your butt bounce.

But you can book Twerk for your bachelor party or girls’ night etc.

NOTE: If you register via team sports, you will pay the monthly fee and the registration fee.
After that you have the possibility to book up to 3 classes/hours of fixed training per week. In addition, free training on our open pole & hoop team, which is located Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday (Register also via holdsport.dk).

Aerial Hoops in Roskilde

Arieal hoop - all levels (also beginner)

A hoop is a metal ring that hangs freely from the ceiling, where acrobatic exercises are performed below, inside and above it. When training hoop, it’s a good idea to wear long trousers, a sports bra, a tank top/t-shirt and/or a long-sleeved shirt.

The team is for you who are completely new or have little practice.

In this class, we work on exercises that will prepare you to get up in a hoop.
In addition, works with tricks, small combos and simple scrolls, which are within the hoop level 1 list.

Everyone is currently in the same class and we organise the lessons individually according to your level.
Most people need to be in this class for more than 8 weeks to build strength, technique and body awareness.

The instructor assesses whether there is a case for creating a level 2 team and which students are ready for it. If you feel that you are almost ready, have a chat with your instructor.
Some of the tricks you need to know to get to level 2 are: Straddle / Pike mount, Pike in top bar, Front balance and Back balance.

At open pole and hoop, we put our facilities at your disposal so you can practice the things you practice on your regular team.
So you come up with your own plan of what you want to train.
There is no instructor present.

To avoid overexertion or injury, it is important that you stay within the level you normally train. Remember to warm up before you start.

Der vil fra gang til gang være fokus på enten split, spagat eller ryg/skuldre. The team starts with light warm-up, after which various stretches will be taught that will flex the fascia and connective tissue around the muscle fibers. During the class there will be a focus on alignment, breathing and joint protection.

At the flexibility class, you must bring a sweater, towel for the training mat or your own training mat. You can also bring leg warmers, knee pads and yoga blocks, but this is not a requirement.

Calisthenics is like pole and hoop training with your own body weight. The word is derived from the Greek language and means beauty (kallos) and strength (sthenos). So you use your natural strength to create a strong, supple and beautiful body.
This is a good time to improve your strength and agility so you can make greater progress on the pole and hoop.
The advantage of training Calisthenics is that you train several muscle groups at once, as for example in a push up you can not isolate certain muscle groups, but must work with the whole body. In our Calisthenics class, there is also a focus on agility and balance, by training handstand and the like.
Maria Poledance Instructor in Roskilde