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Our dance teacher

Casa Bailar Maykel Fidel

Maykel Fidel

Maykel is a Danish dancer, choreographer, musician and DJ with roots in Argentina and Nicaragua. His style is inspired by sensual Bachata, influenced by various genres such as R'n'B, Hip Hop and Modern Street Dance. He has worked as a dance instructor at several dance schools. In addition to Casa Bailar, he also teaches at Salsabine in Copenhagen. Within the last few years, Maykel has taught at several festivals, including CPH Bachata Boozt Festival 2018 & 2019 (Denmark), Open Blues 2018 (Poland), A'dam Bachata Festival 2019 (Netherlands). In addition, Maykel has participated in several dance competitions and has, among other things, won the Latin American Dance Festival 2019 (Denmark) and got a 2nd place in the Toulouse Social Dance Competition 2019 (France) etc.

Lær Cubansk Salsa Lady Styling

Elena Rado

Elena is a versatile dancer who started dancing jazz and modern dance at age 6, then switched to Salsa and Caribbean dances when she was 18 years old. She has been trained in Italy by the famous Sergio Larrinaga, where she learned Afro Cuban dances and Cuban Salsa. She started teaching in Denmark 2 years ago Her dance CV includes: Cuban Salsa, Son, Afro-Cuban, Jazz, Modern, Ballet, Dance on high heels, Modern and Reggaeton. She loves to keep learning different new styles.

Casa Bailar Kizomba danselærer

Tobias Trier

Singer, musician and actor, educated at the General Music Teacher education at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. Certified Kizomba instructor at LC Dance Company in 2017. Has practiced couple dancing since the 90s alongside his career as a singer and musician. Has also studied traditional music and dance in Ghana and Cuba. Tobias Trier's background as a professional musician is expressed in the work with rhythm understanding, period perception and the dynamics of the music.

Casa Bailar Kizomba danselærer Lisbet

Lisbeth Roug

Works daily as a bank adviser and teacher. Has been dancing salsa and bachata since 2015, and for the past 2 1/2 years has thrown love at the rhythms of Kizomba. The past year further as a diligent participant in kizomba festivals in Europe with its many workshops. She also has a great knowledge of southern European culture.

Nadia Gorshkova Moderne dans


Nadia is a trained dance instructor and is today a professional Ballroom dancer with over 30 years of dance experience and has expert experience in Standard and Latin. She sees a good basic dance education, as the natural foundation and springboard for learning other new styles, and has also danced ballet, contemporary, bachata, salsa, hip-hop etc. The core strength you get through the dance can naturally be transferred to strength training and cardio training programs. That is why she is passionate about being able to express herself and have a healthy body by using dance as part of her daily life.

Casa Bailar Christina Fast Reggaeton danselærer

Christina Fast

Christina is a highly acclaimed Bachata dancer, performer and director. On her long list of festivals she has taught at, among others, sensual week in Cadiz, Bachata King festival in Kos, Bachata spring in London, crazy lion in Gorhenburg, Boozt and Copenhagen Bachata festival etc. Christina's unique Lady Styling and her incredible adaptability as follows, has made her one of the most famous dancers in Copenhagen's Latin scene. She is all that FUSION is all about - with her more than 10 years of dancing - and teaching experience in Latin and urban styles. Christina has performed and choreographed for dancers around the world, and her deep passion for dance is evident in her teaching methods.

Pole instructors

Maria Poledance instruktør i Roskilde

Maria J.

Text about Maria

Casa Bailar Pole Dance Maria

Maria E.

Maria is 47 years old and has been training pole for 5 years. For her, pole should be expressive movement, hard strength training and a good portion of adrenaline ..... and mega fun. She gets high by getting people to succeed with tricks and challenge / develop their body awareness. And is aware that we are all different and it is important that everyone gets success and good training regardless of level. When she is not hanging upside down in a pole, she lives in Himmelev with her husband, 2 children aged 11 and 14, and a cat and a turtle. And then she's a real garden nerd, and likes to rummage for many hours in the family's large garden. In addition, she works daily as production manager in Køge.

Our volunteers

Without the help of family, friends and a host of other volunteers for Casa Bailar’s own events, it would be difficult to hold so many different events throughout the year.

And without all these people making a huge difference for Casa Bailar, it would also be only half as pleasant to walk away. Along the way, people laugh, eat and dance, all the while working hard to ensure that our customers / guests have the most fantastic experiences at Casa Bailar.

Thank you to all of you who make a difference for Casa Bailar !!!

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