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Casa Bailar Bachata Sara & Benjii


Instructor bachata

Sara comes from a musical family where she grew up singing, playing music and dancing from different continents. She has always loved music and expressing herself through dance.
She has been interested in everything from hip-hop, afro, reggaeton, salsa and belly dancing, which she got through the Iranian part of her family.
Over the past few years, Sara has developed a special love for bachata, which she now pursues intensely. She has attended many festivals, nerded out on the different styles of bachata, and is now ready to teach bachata to others.
As a bachatera, Sara emphasizes connection, body movement, technique, and musicality.


Instructor in bachata

Benjamin Shanaka Bendtsen comes from the world of music, but since he started taking dance lessons, he has been lost in this new way of expressing himself through rhythms, melodies and harmonies. He has developed his dance with great enthusiasm by taking a lot of classes in Denmark as well as abroad, and he really enjoys helping others develop their dance as well. Benjamin has been teaching bachata since 2020 in workshops, dance schools, and privately.

He is also part of the Latin Vibes organization, with whom he has choreographed and performed several shows, and has been part of Erik & Katinka’s show team.

Reggaeton instruktør- Casa Bailar


Instructor in reggaeton, cubaton and salsa


Elisabetta is a Latin urban dancer coming from Italy. She started her dance career when she was a child. She danced hip hop for almost 20 years, participated in many urban dance events, shows and competitions. She became a hip hop teacher in 2013. Then she fell in love with Latin Dance, and participated in international latin dance events and shows. So she started teaching salsa, bachata and most of all reggaeton, which is her favorite style. She also had the great opportunity to travel to Australia, teaching for the biggest latin dance school in Sydney and being part of professional dance teams which performed together at national dance events. Since 2020 she has been specialising in reggaeton and dembow fusion thanks to the coaching of a famous Italian artist, Vanessa Lacedonia.

Her motto is “sigue tu viaje con tu movimiento”, which means: keep following your journey with your movement. This is because dance has always been her greatest passion and drive and it will always be with her wherever she goes.


The term “CUBATON” originated from the words ‘Cuba’ and ‘Reggaeton’. CUBATON is Reggaeton “a lo cubano” that originated in the early 90s. It is a mix of Reggae, Dancehall, Hispanic Hip Hop, Rap and European Club music, influenced by Cuban rhythms and culture, with intense beats, lyrics and vocals. It is an exciting, passionate and energetic dance style from Cuba that involves body movement as well as basic footwork sometimes combined with some Cuban salsa movement and basic steps.


This class will have a fusion of these two energetic styles:

Reggaeton originated in the late 1990s in Puerto Rico, it is a vibrant dance style deeply influenced by Latin American, Caribbean, and hip hop music. Known for its fun, sexy, and free-spirited vibe, reggaeton has become immensely popular. It mainly involves body movement and isolations as well as basic footwork.

Dembow is an urban style very popular in the Dominican Republic.the main characteristic is its rhythm, which is reminiscent of reggaeton and dancehall music, but with a more constant and faster rhythm. Its dance style is highly characterized by fast footwork.


Instructor in Salsa

Casa Bailar Salsa Rueda workshop


Instructor salsa


Instructor kizomba

Born 1969 in England. Moved to Denmark in 1998 and is a Danish citizen.
As a young man he played amateur theatre and danced rock and roll.
In 2017 he fell in love with kizomba and urbankiz and since then he has received intensive training from several different international teachers.

Works as a health and safety consultant in a Danish pharmaceutical company.


Instructor kizomba

Lisbeth has been dancing salsa and bachata since 2015 and has since 2018 thrown her love on the rhythms of kizomba.
Lisbeth is a frequent participant at kizomba festivals in Europe with its many workshops. She also has a great knowledge of southern European culture.

Works daily as a bank adviser and teacher.


Instructor k-pop, tiktok

Nadia is a trained dance instructor and is today a professional Ballroom dancer with over 30 years of dance experience and has expert experience in Standard and Latin.

She sees a good basic dance education, as the natural foundation and springboard for learning other new styles, and has also danced ballet, contemporary, bachata, salsa, hip-hop etc.

The core strength you get through the dance can naturally be transferred to strength training and cardio training programs.

That is why she is passionate about being able to express herself and have a healthy body by using dance as part of her daily life.



Instructor pole

Maria has been training pole since 2015, and is a trained pole instructor at Xpert.
For her, pole is expressive movement and dance, combined with strength training and lots of laughter. She loves to play with combinations and floor work. And is aware that we are all different and therefore have different needs for support and guidance. Maria focuses on training both sides of the pole so that the body remains strong and in good balance from the inside out.


Instructor pole, arieal-hoop.

Louise has been training pole since 2012, though with small breaks in between.
Louise became a certified pole-fitness instructor through Xpert in 2019. Arieal-hoop Louise has been training since 2017 and in 2019 she participated in the DPSF championship and got a 3rd place. It is important for Louise to create a safe and secure atmosphere for her students so that everyone can participate and develop at their own pace. In both pole and hoop, her passion is strength-demanding tricks, which her hours can also be marked by.


Instructor pole

Nina teaches pole and loves to challenge herself with new exciting tricks, like the ones in the thighs or elbows. Nina focuses on having control over one’s own body and learning where one’s own boundaries are both physical and mental. For Nina, the polo studio is her second home and she loves teaching and always tries to have a good smiling atmosphere during her classes. “The more fun you have and the more you laugh with the other students, the easier your training feels.”


Instructor pole

Emma primarily teaches poleintro. She has been training pole herself since 2017 and with her penchant for strength training, she loves strength-demanding pole tricks. Emma loves graceful lines and pointed feet. Emma is a physiotherapist and there will always be a focus on injury prevention and building basic strength and technique on the pole. In Emma’s classes, the training will always suit you and your level.



Yoga - zumba and zumbini instructor.
Owner of Casa Bailar.

Chanett - administrativ medarbejder (Web)


Physiotherapeutic yoga teacher (of yoga alliance).
Administrative assistant in Casa Bailar

Ulrik Søberg

Taichi teacher

I have been studying and practicing Taichi and Qigong for almost 20 years. I have studied and trained in Taichi with Sifu Junyuan Liu, Chinese Master of Yang Taichi and resident here in
In addition to training myself, I have several years of teaching experience from volunteer work, schools and institutions, as well as from FOF. I have a master’s degree in philosophy from Aarhus University and am also a trained educator.

A Taichi lesson consists of Qigong, which is also standing meditation and serves as a rooting of the body and warm-up for the Taichi form itself. Then we practice Taichi
form and goes into detail on body positions, breathing and building and strengthening connective tissue and muscles.
I actively use philosophical approaches in my teaching, including the concept of “mastery belief” as I see human health as a holistic process based on my own research and teaching. In other words, health is not just a healthy body or healthy
mind, but also feeling healthy and feeling good at learning new things is part of health.
I have both written about and researched neurological research on emotions and have personally experienced how emotions can be crucial to how we feel healthy and thus feel eager to change our dietary habits or exercise more.

Taichi helps physiological health as well as mental health, while it can support your belief in your ability to change your life and make you smarter about yourself.
So if you’re open to a health journey that will surprise you and experience health benefits you’ve never experienced before, you should give Taichi a try

Maykel Fidel

Occasional instructor bachata

Maykel is a Danish dancer, choreographer, musician and DJ with roots in Argentina and Nicaragua. His style is inspired by the sensual bachata, influenced by different genres like R’n’B, Hip Hop and Modern Street dance.
He has worked as a dance instructor at several dance schools, including Salsabine in Copenhagen. Within the last few years, Maykel has taught at several festivals, including CPH Bachata Boozt Festival 2018 & 2019 (Denmark), Open Blues 2018 (Poland), A’dam Bachata Festival 2019 (Netherlands).
In addition, Maykel has participated in several dance competitions and has, among other things, won the Latin American Dance Festival 2019 (Denmark) and got a 2nd place in the Toulouse Social Dance Competition 2019 (France) etc.

Christina Fast

Occasional instructor bachata

Christina is a highly acclaimed bachata dancer, performer and instructor.
On her long list of festivals, she has taught at sensualweek in Cadiz, Bachata King festival in Kos, Bachata spring in London, Crazy Lion in Gothenburg, Boozt and Copenhagen Bachata festival etc.
Christina’s unique lady styling and her incredible adaptability as a follower have made her one of the most well-known dancers on Copenhagen’s Latin scene. Christina is what FUSION is all about – with her more than 10 years of dance and teaching experience in Latin and urban styles.
Christina has performed and choreographed for dancers around the world, and her deep passion for dance is evident in her teaching methods.

Casa family

Without the help of family and friends for our events, it is difficult to organise so many different events throughout the year.

And without all these people making a huge difference for Casa Bailar, it would also be only half as pleasant to walk away.
Laughing, eating and dancing along the way, all the while working hard to ensure everyone has the most amazing experience at Casa Bailar.

Thank you to all of you who make a difference for Casa Bailar !!!

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