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Get rid of pain and inflammation

Diet and exercise are a course for you with imbalance in the body. Through an anti-inflammatory diet, we seek to create balance in the body so that inflammation and thus also pain is reduced. As such, the course is not a slimming course. Many participants still experience weight loss and especially the waist measurement will change.

Restore balance in the body

Exercise often has a pain-relieving effect and used in the right way improves your
movement. This gives less pain. During the course, we therefore let our physique work with us to achieve better mobility and to relieve pain.

About Katrine

Katrine Daugaard Stevnhoved is behind the Movement Society, which works with lifestyle changes, diet and movement in processes either on a team or individually. Katrine is a trained and certified dietician and personal trainer specializing in injuries and defects. She has years of experience as a coach and trainer. 

Casa Bailar Movement Society Katrine Stenhoved

Our goal with Diet & Exercise

  • A body in balance
  • Better mobility
  • Pain relief
  • Increased well-being and more profit starting point.

How do we do it

  • 6 weeks course – a total of 6 training sessions with an instructor in Casa Bailar’s premises.
  • Diet plan – basic knowledge about ingredients – recipes and
  • Home training assignments
  • Closed Facebook group for knowledge sharing and questions, as well as input from your teacher – a total of only 10 participants.

Get started training and get help with it ...

Physical exercise is always based on the individual. We help develop a personal training program and offer you to help get started with the training. It can be anything from simple training programs, running training courses, special courses for injuries and defects, as well as injury prevention training. The happy exerciser is our heart and our motivation. Whether you have trained before or not, we always find your starting point and ensure that you always get a little bit better. 

We guarantee progress.

Courses adapted to the individual student!

All guidance is adapted to the individual course participants and nothing is standard at Movement Society. No two people are alike and neither is our guide. We believe we can help everyone regardless of age and starting point. We look at the whole person in our guide. Our experience is wide and regardless of your size, age, goals and experience, we can help. If you are looking for special diets such as vegetarian or a diet plan based on anti-inflammatory diet, we can help.

What does it cost?

  • The price is 999, – for the whole course
  • A deposit of 400, – is paid at
  • The balance is due at the end of the course

Behind the course

Behind the course is Movement Society
certified dietician and personal trainer
Katrine Stevnhoved in the lead. We have years of experience with habit change in relation to diet and exercise. Our approach to the body is to see it as a whole. Body and mind are connected and we do nothing headless. Awareness of habits is at the heart of our path to greater well-being and joy.

Come and join Casa Bailar’s premises at Industrivej 44c in Roskilde. 


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