Bachata & Brunch – Dominican Bachata ‘open level’

– Do you have a soft spot for Bachata ?

– Have you just discovered Bachata?

Or are you experienced in Bachata sensual or Bachata fusion / moderna?

– And would you like to spice up your dance with something a little different?

So come and learn more about what Bachata sensual and fusion / modern is based on – namely the DOMINICAN Bachata.


This is our second Bachata & Brunch event. We will do different workshops around the Bachata for each Bachata & Brunch event.

This time, the workshop is built around Dominican Bachata. Then come and become wiser about what Bachata sensual and fusion / modern is based on – namely the DOMINICAN Bachata.

Teacher: Tanja Sauer Torrendrup (DK)


– open level (ie everyone can participate)


11-12.00 – Brunch Buffet incl. free coffee / tea & water at 12-14.00 – Workshop with Tanja at 14-16.00 – Free dance (we mix the music from the different Bachata styles, and train old and new steps).
The brunch buffet is provided by Roskilde Bowling and contains:

Rolls and rye bread

Yougurt with muesli and honey


Scrambled eggs with sausages and bacon

Smoked salmon with asparagus


Cheese, jam and cold cuts

American pancakes with syrup

Today’s cake, coffee and tea

Soda, juice etc. can be bought in the bowling center bar.

Price per. couples for the event are:

DKK 600 per couple incl. brunch, workshop and free dance (DKK 300 per person)

DKK 400 per couple for workshops & free dance (ie DKK 200 per person)

NOTE – you can only sign up as a couple. Contact us in a PB if you are missing a partner.

About the workshops:

– We spend a few hours in each other’s company, where you learn about where Bachata one stems from dance-wise.

– We learn different forms of Dominican footwork and explore the possibilities of dancing to more than one rhythm in Bachata music.

– Dominican Bachata is about improvising the steps and being in the now.

About Tanja:

Tanja started dancing as a 3-year-old. For many years it was standard / Latin and rock’n roll that Tanja practiced several times a week. For the last 20 years, however, it has been the salsa that Tanja has grown intensively, first as a social dance and the last 15 years as an instructor i.a. in Salsa Latina in Roskilde, where she is with passion and incredible patience teaches the new dancers their very first Salsa steps. She has in this connection developed its very own vocabulary, including e.g. the concepts “first gear & second gear” in the Salsa ;-). In recent years, Tanja has now also got eyes up to the Dominican bachata, which like the Salsa also lies Tanjas heart close.

For info regarding. Corona:

– the current Corona rules will be taken into account at the time of the event – if you are ill or have been with someone who is or has been ill, we recommend that people stay at home – We spray and wash our fingers.

The event is finished.