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Do you love gymnastics, and would like to try some acrobatics as you know it from circus, then join us when we start our KIDS Hoops team up. Hoops are large hollow hop rings made of metal that hang from the ceiling, where you can do a lot of nice exercises and shapes that activates the whole body. You get to strengthen your motor skills & balance while having fun. The team is small, so there is plenty of time for learning and practice.

With us, we run with 8 weeks course, where you go on teams with the same every time. It provides a safe and relaxed environment, and the instructor can better put together a workout that suits your and your teammates’ needs. At the same time, there is also a chance that you will get a new friend to train with.

Aerial Hoop Kids Roskilde

Aerial Hoop Kids Instructor

Louise has been training pole since 2012, though with breaks in between. In 2019, Louise became a certified pole fitness instructor through Xpert. Areal hoop Louise has been training since 2017 and in 2019 she participated in the DPSF championship and got a 3rd place.

It is important for Louise to create a safe and secure atmosphere for her students so that everyone can participate and develop at their own pace. In both pole and hoop, her passion is strength-demanding tricks, which her hours can also be marked by.

Aerial Hoop Kids - 8 weeks course

We run with 8 weeks course, where you go on the same class with the same children for the whole 8 weeks. These class can be purchased on the “Registration” page.

If you buy a membership for DKK 99 a year, you get 10% on your hoop team, right from the first team you sign up for.

Read more about membership here.

Class overview

17:30-18:20PoledanceAll levelsMaria E.
18:30-19:20PoleIntro/ Level 1Nina
18:30-19:20HoopAll levelsAmedeo
19:30-20:20PoleLevel 2-3Amedeo
19.30-20.20Open Hoop / PoleTræn selv uden instruktør
20:30-21:20StrechAll levelsAmedeo
18:30-19:20PoleLevel 2-3Amedeo
19:30-20:30PoleLevel 1-2Amedeo
18.30-19.30PoleIntro/ Level 1/2Louise
16.30-17.20Pole Level 1-2Amedeo
16.30-17.30Open Hoop / PoleTræn selv uden instruktør
17:30-18:20StrechAll levelsAmedeo
18:30-19:30PoleAll levelsAmedeo
18.30-19.30Open Hoop / PoleTræn selv uden instruktør
10.30-11.20Pole introIntroEmma, Maria, Louise
10.30-11.20Open Hoop / PoleTræn selv uden instruktør
11:30-12:20StrechAll levelsEmma, Maria, Louise
11:30-12:20Open Hoop / PoleTræn selv uden instruktør
12.30-.13.20PoleLevel 2Amedeo
13.30-14.30PoleLevel 3-4Amedeo


DKK 650 per person for 8 weeks. Draw if necessary. first membership, then you secure a 10% discount on our team, div. workshops, parties and selected events.

Point in time


Season 1 2021: d. May 18 - July 6.

Relating to registration:

The registration is binding
We reserve the right to cancel if we have too few registrations. The money will then be paid back.

Free parking


Industrivej 44C in the basement, 4000 Roskilde.