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Kizomba and Roskilde

Kizomba with Tobias and Lisbeth

You can learn the pair dance kizomba, whether you are a beginner or well versed in pair dance. Come and join us when Casa Bailar fills Roskilde with inciting, Kizomba rhythms and seductive movements under the direction of Tobias Trier and Lisbeth Roug.

We review basic dance steps and variations so you become familiar with being able to dance kizomba at social events. Tobias provides good music at the facility. Together with Lisbeth, he takes care of a thorough introduction to the dance.

During the course you will be introduced to different styles within kizomba such as Semba, Urban Kiz, Tarraxa and Douceur. Sign up with or without a dance partner. Casa Bailar will strive for a balance between leaders and followers.

What is Kizomba?

A wonderful and calm couple dance, which has arisen in the meeting between Caribbean zouk music and dance and music from the Portuguese-speaking countries in Africa – Angola, Cap Verde, Mozambique and Guinea Bissau. the dance style is a dense, elegant and rhythmic dance.

If you are a novice in couple dancing, this dance style is a great place to start as the basic steps are simple and calm. If you are already familiar with couple dancing but miss new inspiration in the form of a close-knit, comfortable dance with nuanced communication between driver and followers and room for personality and spontaneity, then Kizomba is also for you.

Some describe Kizomba as African tango because the dance is improvised and based on walking steps and can alternate between different tempi and pauses. Kizomba is also akin to Salsa and Bachata because the dance is social, festive and strongly based on rhythm. But compared to Salsa and Bachata, Kizomba is more African and down to earth in nature.

In the teaching, basic steps and variations and the principles behind leading and following are reviewed.


Born 1973. Raised in Copenhagen. Trained general music teacher at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. Certified instructor in Kizomba by ALC Dance Company in 2017. Has practiced couple dancing since the 90s alongside his career as a singer, musician and composer.

Tobias has also studied traditional music and dance in Ghana and in Cuba and his other background as a professional musician is expressed in the work with rhythm understanding, period sense and the dynamics of music.


Born 1973. Works daily as a bank adviser and teacher. Has been dancing salsa and bachata since 2015, and for the past 2 1/2 years has thrown love at the rhythms of Kizomba.

The past year further as a diligent participant in kizomba festivals in Europe with its many workshops. She also has a great knowledge of southern European culture.


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Industrivej 44C, in the basement, 4000 Roskilde.

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