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Events in Roskilde and surroundings

We regularly hold cool parties with different themes and lots of fun in it

We have held special theme parties: October parties, Christmas and New Year parties, Halloween and Shrovetide parties, Caribbean nights or Hawaii parties, James Bond and 60s parties and much much more for our customers.

And in the future we would like to hold similar events for all those who want to buy one ticket to some terrific parties with band or DJ.

We already have an Oktoberfest and a 90s party in the pipeline for 2021.

Keep an eye on ours event calendar .

Would you like to take part in one of our events? Check out our event calendar


Do you dance at all your parties? Or can you just listen to the music?

Yes, for our parties there is dancing on the loose, because we love to dance and feel the energy. Of course you can also just listen to the music and enjoy a drink, but there is a lot going on on the dance floor, where you sweat, laugh and have fun to cool rhythms

Do you need a partner for your parties?

No, you do not have to bring a dance partner to all our parties. Due to covid-19 it is unfortunately not possible to hold parties. But when it is again possible to give it gas, then it is not necessary to bring your own dance partner.

What does it cost, how do I pay and how do I sign up?

Tickets for our parties can be purchased in the shop on this page, where it is also possible to buy tickets for our other events. There may also be drop-in parties where you can pay via mobile pay or cash. In our event calendar or on Facebook you will find more info about buying a ticket or paying for the parties. Prices are very different and depend on time, place or type of event.

New season starts after Easter!

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