When you sign up for monthly membership via Holdsport, you will be charged a registration fee and then you will be charged a fixed membership fee every month.

Once you have signed up, there is a one-month notice period.

Read all terms below before signing up for team sports.

If you want a trial lesson instead, you can do so.

Pole and hoop team - monthly subscribtion

How do monthly subscriptions work?

  • Price:The price is DKK 369 per month for up to 3 simultaneous bookings (e.g. 1 x pole level, 1 x stretch and 1 x pole dance). You will be charged automatically every month, once you have signed up via the registration form above.
    NOTE! If you have mistakenly signed up for holdsport.dk because you wanted to book a trial lesson, you can contact us via kontakt@casabailar.dk within 3 business days of signing up and unsubscribe for free if you have not trained in that period.
    – Students: The price for students is DKK 299 per month after presentation of a valid student card (the card scould be presented once a year).
  • Registration fee for enrollment is DKK 149 (one-time fee) + DKK 9 from team sports (paid monthly).
  • Trial period: There is a 30-day trial period, after which there is a 1-month commitment.
    If you re-register at a later date, you will have to pay the registration fee again.
  • Booking of classes: You book your classes via Holdsport.
    You can sign up until 5 min. before classes if there are places available and there is a waiting list.
    – You can cancel your bookings on Holdsport.dk. This must be done at least 2 hours before your lesson starts.
    – No show fee is DKK 50, which is charged via Holdsport.
  • Suspense: As of 1.8.2023, the following rules for suspensions apply:
    – The costs is DKK 49 per month to put your membership on hold.
    – You can put your membership on hold for a maximum of 2 months.
    This must be done with 1 month’s notice, the “put on hold” will be effective from the end of the following month. Please write to: kontakt@casabailar.dk. If you are pregnant or on sick leave, your membership can continue to be suspended for a maximum period 1 year (Please write and attach documentation to: kontakt@casabailar.dk).
    – After the put on hold period, your subscription will automatically start up again unless we receive a cancellation within the applicable time limit (see the rules for pole membership here: https://casabailar.dk/poledance-roskilde/#pole ).

    – If you wish to sign out instead, please note that the costs still is DKK 149 to rejoin team sports, even if you have previously been a member.

  • Signout/cancellation of membership must be made in writing with 1 month’s notice and is valid from the end of the following month. (For example, if you cancel on May 12, your membership ends on June 30. This means you pay for May and June).
    When terminating membership, the first name, surname, date of birth and membership number must be provided.
    – You will subsequently receive an email with a receipt for the cancellation from Casa Bailar and Holdsport. Receipts for the termination must be displayed by the member in a case of doubt. Skriv venligst til: kontakt@casabailar.dk.
  • Clip card: it is still possible to buy a clip card if you only can/want to train occasionally or if you want to train more than 3 hours. The clip card is purchased in the webshop at www.casabailar.dk/shop and is handed out the first time you join our training.

About Holdsport.dk

You must register via holdsport.dk, because this is where you sign up for the individual classes. Use the form above.
Then ask to become a member of Casa Bailar Pole Studio*. Once we have approved the membership, you will automatically be charged the monthly membership fee and registration fee.

If you have not paid your monthly membership fee, you will not be able to book a team via Holdsport, and you will be charged for non-payment and possibly a reminder fee.

If you have any challenges/questions, please write to kontakt@casabailar.dk

* It is not the same as Casa Bailar annual membership 

Sign up here & pay a fixed monthly fee via Holdsport

Subscribtion form for pole/hoop

NOTE: To take pole/hoop with us, you need to sign up for Holdsport, which is done via the form below.
Once you have signed up via Holdsport, you will be charged a monthly subscription & registration fee (read more below before filling out the form).
So ONLY fill out this form if you want to train regularly with us!

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