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Recurring events

Casa Bailar combines dance, music, party, movement and food in every possible way.

Read about our recurring events on this page. 
New events are added regularly

Also keep an eye on our event calendar 


We regularly arranges dance workshops in different dance styles; these include salsa, kizomba, bachata and so on..

We arranges workshops at several levels. So whether you’re a beginner or an expert, we’ve got something for you.

Occasionally we also offer workshops with other themes than dance, for example around food, music, body and health.

We’re always doing a lot of planning and new workshops are being added all the time.


We host regular parties with different themes and lots of action

We have arranged special theme parties: October parties, Christmas and New Year parties, Halloween and Shrovetide parties, Caribbean nights or Hawaii parties, James Bond and 60s parties and much much more for our customers.

Keep an eye on ours event calendar .

Workshops og events

Want to go to a Latin dance party?
Then read more about our monthlyLatinKiz Night

Or maybe you’re more into disco and dancing.
Then read more about our new concept Dansegulvet


Every month we invite you to social dancing in the casa.
Dance in 2 rooms.
We dance from 19.30 – 23.00

19.45 – 20.30 (beginner/intro lessons in bachata or salsa)
(Kizombaloungen opens at 19:30).

75 kr (online)
100 kr (at the door)
Free for members
Become a member here


Big room:
50% Salsa (and a little reggaeton)

50% Bachata (in the big room)

Small room (‘kizomba lounge’):
100% Kizomba/UrbanKiz

REMEMBER: Indoor shoes.

Free parking and cloakroom.

How to find us:
Casa Bailar
Industrivej 44 C in Kld,
4000 Roskilde
We are only 5-8 min. walk from Trekroner station.
It only takes 30 minutes. to take the train from Copenhagen to Casa Bailar.


We hold small or large concerts from time to time

For most of the concerts, there will be an opportunity to dance to the music.

Keep an eye on our event calendar .

His bootcamp

To bring Cuban son into Casa’s dance offerings, we regularly hold a series of Cuban son lounges/workshops.

We invite talented Danish and international instructors to teach Cuban son.
We offer a wide range of workshops for beginners to advanced.
So if you’ve always dreamed of dancing son or want to learn more subtleties for your dance, come and join us next time.

You can register with or without a partner.
We will try to the best of our ability to make the follower/leader distribution to go up.

About son

Son – the traditional Cuban dance – is the mother of all Cuban dances – the mother of “salsa” or “casino”.

Son dances “a contra tiempo” – because the son music “tells” us so.
Son is a very elegant dance and there are a number of special son characters.

In Timba music, there is almost always a son part (often at the beginning of the melody) and then a change to “en tiempo” (the “normal” salsa rhythm). But there are also pieces of music that switch between son rhythm and salsa rhythm several times along the way.
This means that son dancers will not only be able to dance son, but will also be able to interpret Timba music more easily in the dance.

Bachata Brunch

These events are mainly held in Roskilde, Lejre and the surrounding area. So keep an eye on ours event calendar .

Kids acrobatics camp

If you love gymnastics and would like to try some acrobatics as you know it from the circus, join us for our Kids Acrobatics Camp.

At the summer camp, we train in hoops, which are like large metal hula hoops hanging from the ceiling, where you can do a lot of great exercises and figures that activate the whole body. We climb and hang on our pole poles. Rolling on mats and on our airtrack, playing games with balls etc., eating and socializing together with homemade buns & fruit/vegetables.

The camp is for children between 6-15 years old (boys & girls)

So keep an eye on ours event calendar .

It takes place during the school summer holidays.
Dates will be announced in June.
Sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of the page to be notified when we know the dates.
Kids akrobatik

Would you like to take part in one of our events? Check out our event calendar


Do all events have anything to do with music and dance?

Not all of our events have to do with music and dance. But there will be workshops where the focus is on music and dance, or where music and dance are a spice. But there will also be events with solo and partner dance. Check out our event calendar to see a more detailed description of the individual events.

Do you need to bring your own partner to your events?

No, you do not necessarily have to bring a partner to our events. If there are events that require a partner, we are happy to help you find one – whether you are a leader or a follower. We can not promise anything, but we make an honest effort to help those who want to participate

What does it cost, how do I pay and how do I sign up?

Our events can be purchased in the shop on this page. There may also be drop-in events where you can pay via mobilpay or cash. In our event calendar or on Facebook you will find more info about buying a ticket or paying for events. Prices are very different and depend on time, place or type of event.

New season starts after Easter!

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