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Reggaeton with Christina Fast

We are the first to offer Reggaeton as a dance class in Roskilde. This dance style is for you who want to sweat to cool music and dance naughty / fun moves at the same time as you become more flexible in the body.

Reggaeton is not a couple dance (but the steps can be used for Salsa couple dance, among other things), but is a good alternative if you want to dance solo to Latin American music. It consists of a lot of fat movements, which definitely make the sweat appear on the forehead. Reggaeton class with Christina Fast is ‘open level’ – ie. anyone who wants to learn the dance and who wants to exercise to great music can join.

The classes will include basic steps, technique training and small choreographies. You learn to use your hips, waist, chest, shoulders and arms both together and in isolation. The unique thing about Christina’s classes is that there is room for body comprehension, footwork and isolation movements, so you get more self-awareness and improve your musicality.

What is reggaeton?

The dance style is the Latin American answer to Hip Hop, and some of the hottest in Latin American dance and music. Most people have probably heard reggaeton music without knowing it – especially on holiday trips in Spain and the Canary Islands. “Gasolina” by Daddy Yankee is possibly the most famous reggaeton song at least until “Despacito” took first place and became a giant summer hit some summers ago.


Christina is a highly acclaimed Bachata dancer, performer and director.

Her long list of festivals she has taught at include Sensual Week in Cadiz, Bachata King Festival in Kos, Bachata Spring in London, Crazy Lion in Gorhenburg, Boozt and Copenhagen Bachata Festival, Salsa Congress in Edinburgh, Bachata Weekend in Malta, Bachata weekend in Barcelona, and many others.

Christina’s unique Lady Styling and her incredible adaptability as follows, have made her one of the most famous dancers in Copenhagen’s Latin scene.

In addition, her reputation has begun to spread beyond Europe. Christina is all that FUSION is all about – with her more than 10 years of dancing – and teaching experience in Latin and urban styles.

Receive her passion and lively energy as she teaches you musicality, technique and play in dance.

Christina has performed and choreographed for dancers around the world, and her deep passion for dance is evident in her teaching methods.


DKK 100 per walk.
Sign up for a membership, and you will secure a 10% discount on our dance classes, workshops, parties and selected events.

Relating to registration:

The registration is the volumes.
We reserve the right to cancel if we have too few registrations. The money will then be paid back.


Industrivej 44C, in the basement, 4000 Roskilde.