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Afro Cuban Rumba

Rumba in Roskilde

Afro Cuban Rumba with Elena

You can learn this Cuban dance whether you are a beginner or well versed in dance.

Come and join us when Casa Bailar fills Roskilde with traditional Cuban music. On this team we learn unique body movements that will spice up e.g. your Salsa dance will make it look more natural and relaxed.

And remember, if you dance Afro Cuban, then Salsa will be so much easier to dance. The class is for both men and women.

What is Afro Cuban Rumba?

In Cuba, there are different types of dance. The best known are: Yambu, Guaguanco and Columbia.

This intensive class will focus on Guaguancò, which is a couple dance that represents a “flirtatious” game between man and woman. In fact, most of the steps are used a lot in Cuban salsa when you for example are dancing alone.

Why should one learn an Afro Cuban dance? It is important to learn the origins of this amazing dance “Salsa” to gain a better understanding of the music, body movement and traditions of the fascinating Cuban culture.


Dance Class Salsa For Couples Elena

Born in 1994. Elena is a versatile dancer who started dancing jazz and modern dance at age 6, then switched to Salsa and Caribbean dances when she was 18 years old.

She has been trained in Italy by the famous Sergio Larrinaga, where she learned Afro-Cuban dances and of course Subansk Salsa. She started teaching in Denmark 2 years ago.

Elena’s dance resume includes: Cuban Salsa, Son, Afro-Cuban, Jazz, Modern, Ballet, High Heel Dance, Modern and Reggaeton, and she loves to keep learning different new styles.

Elena is convinced that a good dancer needs to train and try many different types of dances to gain complete knowledge and create her own style.


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