Dance lessons for young people

Salsa / Bachata Mix

Youth dance in Roskilde

Salsa / Bachata mix with Maykel and Elena

For young people from 15 to 29 years

Become a versatile dancer! This team for young people (up to a maximum of 29 years) is for you who want to become a good dancer with knowledge from both worlds. Yes, we are talking about the two dominant genres in the Latin dance scene; salsa & bachata.

On this team you have the opportunity to learn elements, figures and steps that can be used in both dances. Together with other young dancers, you will learn everything from the basic foundation of the steps, weight change, the frame and beautiful turns.

The teaching takes place in pairs, and from the very first day you will explore how to connect elements from both dances and apply them in your partner dance.

Our vision is to prepare you as a dancer who does not feel limited by having only knowledge and experience in one of the dances. You learn to interpret the rhythms, the tempos, but you also learn about the contrasts and similarities in salsa and bachata.

Get ready to become a versatile and skilled dancer. Salsa and bachata are just waiting for you to grab your friend, partner or neighbor to begin this new season.

The teaching is 2×45 min. with a short break in between. Ie. 1 1/2 hours of tuition instead of one hour’s price (normal price DKK 100 per hour).


Born in 1991. Maykel is a Danish dancer, choreographer, musician and DJ with roots in Argentina and Nicaragua. His style is inspired by sensual Bachata, influenced by various genres such as R’n’B, Hip Hop and Modern Street Dance.

He has worked as a dance instructor at several dance schools. In addition to Casa Bailar, he also teaches at Salsabine in Copenhagen.

Within the last couple of years, Maykel has taught at several festivals, including CPH Bachata Boozt Festival 2018 & 2019 (Denmark), Open Blues 2018 (Poland), A’dam Bachata Festival 2019 (Netherlands).

In addition, Maykel has participated in several dance competitions and has, among other things, won the Latin American Dance Festival 2019 (Denmark) and got a 2nd place in the Toulouse Social Dance Competition 2019 (France) etc.


Born in 1994. Elena is a versatile dancer who started dancing jazz and modern dance at age 6, then switched to Salsa and Caribbean dances when she was 18 years old.

She has been trained in Italy by the famous Sergio Larrinaga, where she learned Afro-Cuban dances and of course Subansk Salsa. She started teaching in Denmark 2 years ago.

Elena’s dance resume includes: Cuban Salsa, Son, Afro-Cuban, Jazz, Modern, Ballet, High Heel Dance, Modern and Reggaeton, and she loves to keep learning different new styles.

Elena is convinced that a good dancer needs to train and try many different types of dances to gain complete knowledge and create her own style.


DKK 800 per person for 8 times (DKK 100 pr. hour). Sign up for a membership, and you will secure a 10% discount on our dance classes, workshops, parties and selected events.

Relating to registration:

The registration is the binding.
We reserve the right to cancel if we have too few registrations. The money will then be paid back.


Industrivej 44C, in the basement, 4000 Roskilde.