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Salsa in Roskilde

Dance Salsa in Roskilde

In Casa Bailar we dance Cuban salsa, where you dance around in circular motion while the couple dances with small steps, shapes and turns. 

During the dance, the leader often releases the follower in shorter sequences. In these sequences, the focus is on solo dancing with nice arm movements, delicious hip roll and a lot of footwork. 

With us, we place emphasis on communication between the couple. It is important during the dance, therefore there must be room for eye contact, smiles and laughter.

What is salsa?

Salsa is a Latin American dance that has its origins in Cuba, Columbia and Puerto Rico. The name means directly translated sauce, and the style basically also covers a mix of different styles that are put together for what we know today as the couple dance salsa.

Salsa is an energetic, happy, rhythmic, fun and versatile dance that can be fast, hard-hitting and dynamic, or smooth and delicious depending on the music genre and style. Within salsa, there are different styles – the two largest styles are X-body and Cuban (casino).

For both styles, their dance technical foundation is the Cuban dance son and their movement (bodily) foundation is the Cuban rumba, both of which originate from Cuba.

Cuban salsa is based on the cultural rhythms of Cuba, such as Son, Mambo, Chachacha and Guaguanco.

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