Bachata For Par: Intermediate

Pris 800,00DKK


At this level you have experience of dancing a lot of social dance and can apply all your knowledge during a dance with different partners. Elements such as musical breaks, changing rhythms and other musicality aspects, all of which should be part of your repertoire. When it comes to dance patterns, this level focuses on applying more technical body movements, clean insulations, bodywaves and body rolls. The focus will be on how you make turns with your partner. How to use your arms and connect different variations together. Hand positions and signals will also be a major topic as well as general musical counting and the structure of the songs.

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Wednesdays at 18:40 – 19:40

Industrivej 44 C
4000 Roskilde
Large hall

Teaching courses:
7 times from 26.05.2021 – 08.07.2021

Number of seats:
Due to the Corona restrictions, there are currently only 10 pairs of places on the team.

relating to. registration:
The registration is binding.

Remember indoor shoes (eg running shoes) and comfortable clothes.
– To be able to participate in teams, you must present a corona passport. (Under 72 hours old negative test) and during the hour keep 1 m. Distance
– You must wear a mask as long as you do not train.