Kizomba For Couples: Beginner

Pris 800,00DKK


We dance to retro kizomba music. We learn basic steps and basic phrases and become familiar with the dance concept; our “frame”. We focus on learning to lead and follow. We become familiar with the pulse of the music and place our steps accordingly. We learn to be able to adapt our movements to different dance partners. We learn the variations Womens Saida, Mens Saida, Left Estrella, Women w / open, Contra-Tempo-Turn, Right turn and more. We learn to open up and walk in and out along the promenade. We learn how the driver’s intentions are best communicated and received by the follower. We eliminate noise and habits from other dances and release as much energy and attention as possible to the dance’s special movement universe. We also kick off the lively Semba who is the mother of Kizomba and who has fewer stop-steps. We practice characteristic semba steps that have more momentum and extroversion than Kizomba, including the movement retrocesso and Corridinho – also called around 8. We also start with Urban kiz which is modern and electronic in its expression and where we introduce half steps and blockades After a course at beginner level, we are equipped to commit to the social dance floor on our own and have control of a fundamental range of movements. And can with few funds dance Kizomba in a musical, natural and enriching way.

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Team A: Beginner / Beginner

Mondays at 21: 00-22: 00 + 1 Friday d. 18.06.2021 (as a special event)

Industrivej 44 C
4000 Roskilde
Small hall / Large hall

Teaching courses:
5 times from d. 31.05.2021-28.06.2021 however not d. 24.05 (Pentecost)

Number of seats:
Due to the Corona restrictions, there are currently only 9 pairs of places on the team.

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Registration is binding.