Kizomba For Par: Improver

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We continue to learn several basic variations and maintain it from range of motion we have learned at Beginner. We continue to work on strengthening communication between driver and followers. Our posture is adjusted. We do an exercise called Tordenkile which strengthens the understanding of the music’s pulse and periods. Within traditional kizomba we learn the variations Right Estrella, Saida Rotacao and cruzamento. Within the genre Semba we learn the variations virgula and Escada. We learn several variations in Urban Kiz that require a greater degree of readiness and bodily attention, including some variations called Pasadas, The Swing Door and Bone Push. We learn movements that can be used to end a dance in a beautiful manner. Once we have completed a course at Improver level, we have become extremely confident in the music rhythm and have control over a large repertoire of basic variations which enables us to dance varied and inventive.

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Team B: Improve / continue

Mondays at 19: 50-20: 50 + 1 Friday d. 18.06.2021 (as a special event)

Industrivej 44 C
4000 Roskilde
Small hall

Teaching courses:
6 times from d. 31.05.2021-28.06.2021 however not d. 24.05 (Pentecost)

Number of seats:
Due to the Corona restrictions, there are currently only 9 pairs of places on the team.

relating to. registration:
Registration is binding.