Kizomba For Par: Intermediate

Pris 800,00DKK


We learn refined variations that require experience with Kizomba. We practice movements where the driver lifts the follower’s legs. We work with variations that alternate between the 3 tempo layers: walk-tempo, half-tempo and double-tempo. We introduce pivot, leg hook and slides. We introduce a new way of leading called shadow-legs and learn different ways to switch between shadow-legs and mirror-legs. We strengthen our ability to communicate and perceive nuances in the interaction between the leader and the follower. Within the genre Semba, we learn variations with fast turns. We refine our movements in Urban Kiz. We learn variations that make use of the whole body lines a more solid and beautiful dance. Once we have completed the Kizomba course at intermediate level, we master a large alphabet of details within Kizomba; both those that Kizomba has in common with other dances, and those that are unique to Kizomba and the sub-genres that it contains.

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Team C: Intermediate

Mondays at 18: 40-19: 40 + 1 Friday d. 18.06.2021 (as a special event)

Industrivej 44 C
4000 Roskilde
Small hall

Teaching courses:
6 times from d. 31.05.2021-28.06.2021 however not d. 24.05 (Pentecost)

Number of seats:
Due to the Corona restrictions, there are currently only 9 places on the team.

relating to. registration:
Registration is binding.

Bring indoor shoes