Salsa For Couples: Beginner Intensive (New Season: 2 2022)

Pris 1.200,00DKK2.000,00DKK


On this salsa team, we work individually and in pairs. It is important to understand the basic steps in order to be able to follow each others movements. We will focus on the basics of turning, leading techniques, how signals between the couple is recieved and given.
Since salsa is a unique dance that binds people together across the world, you now have the opportunity to learn this beautiful and cultural dance. You will quickly notice how socially oriented the dance is and how you can apply the learned dance techniques to any dance floor worldwide.

Read more about salsa here

Beginner, level 0

Jakob & Mia

Thursdays at 19.50 – 21.30 (2 x 45 min incl. Break)

Industrivej 44 C
4000 Roskilde
Large room

Lessons will be taught:

9 times from 21.04.2022 – 30.06.2022
(there is no dance on 05.05.2022 due to Latin Dance Club & on 26.05.2022 due to Ascension Day)).

Special price DKK 1,200 per person or DKK 2,000 per couples (if you have Casa Bailar membership, 10% is automatically deducted).

If you dance on more than 2 classes, you can get an additional DKK 100 discount per class, please contact when registering for more than 1 class.

Number of seats:
There are seats for 12 couples in the class

Relating to registration:
The registration is binding.

The class won’t be created, if there is less than 4 couples signed up.

Remember indoor shoes (eg. running shoes) and comfortable clothes.