Salsa For Couples: Beginner

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On this salsa team work individually and in pairs. It is important to understand the basic steps in order to be able to follow each other in the movements. Basic turns, guidance techniques, how signals are received and sent between the pair will be looked at.
Since salsa is a unique dance that binds people together across the world, you now have the opportunity to learn this beautiful and cultural dance. You will quickly notice how socially oriented the dance is and how you can apply the learned dance techniques to any dance floor worldwide.

Read more about salsa here

Beginner / beginner

Thursdays at 18:40 – 19:40

Industrivej 44 C
4000 Roskilde
Large hall

Teaching courses:
7 times from d. 27.05.2021-08.07.2021

Number of seats:
Due to the Corona restrictions, there are currently only 9 places on the team.

relating to. registration:
The registration is binding.

Remember indoor shoes (eg running shoes) and comfortable clothes.

– To be able to participate in teams, you must present a corona passport. (Under 72 hours old negative test) and during the hour keep 1 m. Distance
– You must wear a mask as long as you do not train.