Afro dance (Afro beat & house) m. Colosal Titan (25/09/2021)

Pris 30,00DKK100,00DKK

Now Afro dance is to be danced (not to be confused with Afro Cuban dance) with one of Denmark’s leading Afro dancers. We are going to have a dance party like no other with Colosal when he gives them gas for the the 2 workshops in Casa Bailar.
When Colosal teaches, it is important for him to pass on the culture he grew up in and with his own words “respect the Culture”. At his workshop, you can therefore also expect knowledge directly “from the roots”. Come and feel his good energy and good humor, get smiles on his lips, afrobeat music for the soul, and sweat on his forehead. This workshop is a mix of both afrobeat, afrohouse and ndombolo.
On a daily basis, Colosal teaches at World Dance Academy, Global Kidz, Flow Dance Academy Education, Hotstepper Education, Gerlev Idrætshøjskole, ECO etc. In addition, he dances in “Sebene Unify” and trains in the afro crew “The United Lions” and “Global Minions”.
Workshop 1 – afro dance for adults and children between 2- 15 years – Bring your child / children, grandchildren or the neighbor’s children and have a great experience.
Workshop 2 – afro dance for young people between 15-18 years and adults 18+. Take your girlfriend, boyfriend, neighbor or colleague under your arm and have a great dance party.
Anyone can join

Industrivej 44 C, 4000 Roskilde (in the courtyard)


at 13.00-14.00 Workshop 1

Kl. 14.00 – 14.30 Break with coffee / tea / juice / water and cake

at 14.30 – 15.30 Workshop 2

(please come 10 min before if you need to change shoes etc.)


Workshop 1:

1 adult incl. 1-2 children cost DKK 75

2 adults incl. 2-3 children cost DKK 100.

Extra children cost NOK 30.

Workshop 2:

1 child 15-18 years costs NOK 30

1 adult 18 + costs 50 kr

Please use a mask before and after the dance, and when staying in our rooms (when using the toilets, for example).
If you have forgotten a mask – then you can buy one for DKK 5 from us.
Remember to spritz your hands – we make hand alcohol available inside and outside.
Feel free to come in comfortable clothes that suit the weather and outdoor shoes, as we dance on the tiles / paved area

Number of seats:
Due to Corona restrictions, there are currently 40 seats.

relating to. registration:
Registration is binding. In case of cancellation due to very bad weather or corona related, the money will be refunded.
If you have to move in until the beginning of April, we will do it.

About Colosal:

Colosal Titan , whose real name is Rash, originally comes from DR Congo, where he grew up dancing. He has lived here in Denmark for 5 years. Colosal has worked as a professional dancer for 13 years and specializes in afrohouse, afrobeat, ndombolo and break dance. He has won several competitions and battles at home and abroad. Among other things, he won the afro battle AFIA WOZA JAM 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Video from battle:

Youtube videos: https: //
In 2005, he formed La Folie Crew – a dance company focusing on break dance and political dance theater. With La Folie Crew, he has made countless shows, dance theater, battles, workshops and events in various countries. In addition, he is a favorite guest teacher in other countries such as Sweden, Angola, Spain, Italy and New York. In addition, Colosal has performed with various artists such as Singuila (France), Yemi Alade (Nigeria), Mims Beyana (USA), kunga liizi (DR Congo) ZBlack (Belgium).