Cuban Son Lounge (incl. Workshop) w/ Lexys S. Gonzalez (31.10.21)

Pris 175,00DKK300,00DKK


Son – the traditional Cuban dance – is the mother of all Cuban dances – the mother of “Salsa” or “Casino”.

Son is danced “a contratiempo” – because the Son music “tells” us to. Son is a very elegant dance and there are special Son figures that are danced. Timba songs almost always have a Son part (mostly at the beginning of the song) and then switch to “en tiempo” (the “normal” Salsa timing). This means that Son dancers can not only dance Son, but can also more easily interpret Timba music.

In order to get Cuban Son into the Casa’s dance offer, we will in future have Cuban Son Lounge on a regular basis when we attract talented Cuban Son dance teachers to come to Roskilde. As part of the concept, we offer 2 workshops, café cosiness and free dance.

Lexys was also with us on September the 12th, and it was a success. Now he is coming back to Roskilde once again to repeat the success, and we are looking forward to experience him once again! He will bring new variations for both dances.

You can sign up with or without a partner. We will try to the best of our ability to make the follower/leader distribution to go up.

Open level / open level

Sunday the 31st of october 2021 31.10.2021

13.00-14.00 Cuban Bolero with Lexys (couple dance)
14.00-15.00 Cuban Son with Lexys (couple dance)

15.00-16.00 Son Café with coffee and cake in our lounge.

The workshop-price:
DKK 175 per person for 2 hours workshop as well as coffee, cake and free dance. DKK 300 per couple

(NOTE: We cancel with less than 6 participants)

About Lexys Satiaguero Gonzalez:
Lexys is originally from Cuba. But has lived and taught dance in Italy and Denmark for many years. Lexys now lives with his family in Tønder, and teaches, among other things, Esbjerg Salsa association. We met him at Nordica Salsa Camp this summer, where he taught Son and the beautiful predecessor to Son “Bolero”. His energy and teaching style made us invite him to Roskilde so he could spread a little “Cuban Vibes” one autumn weekend in the Casa.

Remember to sanatize your hands – we provide hand sanitizer
Feel free to come in comfortable clothes and indoor shoes

Number of seats:
There is room for 25 couples
relating to. registration:
Registration is binding. In case of cancellation due to corona related situations, the money will be refunded.