Rueda de Casino Social in Casa Bailar – Become a member and pay for event on arrival

Become a member of Casa Bailar – and pay for events when you attend.

Now there’s Rueda de Casino Social at Casa Bailar on selected Saturday afternoons.
On private initiative, a group has been formed to dance Rueda de Casino. An event that is one of the social offerings in the Casa.
It is important to emphasize that this is not a rueda class, but an offer for those who know some of the basic steps of Cuban salsa and want to dance and socialize with others who love rueda.
Switch is not danced – but Switch is available within the “official program”.
How do I participate?

You must be a member of Casa Bailar to participate. it costs 99,- kr. for one year. Become a member of Casa Bailar here
As it is a social event, participation in “Rueda de Casino social” costs no more than 25,- kr. per time, which is paid on mobile pay 707879 upon attendance.

We also have a Facebook group for members, find it here

Help us make the rueda work by finding a partner to join us 🙂
Unfortunately, we are not able to match leader/follower numbers, so we cannot guarantee that there is a partner for you in the Rueda.
We expect you to be able to dance salsa at beginner level and know at least the following:
Basic (closed position) / Guapea (open position)
Arriba / Abajo (Move forward or backward in closed position)
Enchufla (double)
Dile que no
It’s great if you also know some salsa or Rueda de Casino calls, such as:
Even if
Lady / lady back
Remember indoor shoes (eg running shoes) and comfortable clothes.
Various drinks are available for purchase in the lounge.