Dance cut card (10-trip card)

Pris 1.100,00DKK

We now offer 10-trip cards for dance / events / workshops.

You can use your 10 tour card at both events / workshops (but only those events / workshops that cost up to DKK 100 per person) as well as our solo team (salsa, rumba, lady styling & Kizomba lady styling) – minus Zumba and couple.

What should you do?

  • You buy a cut card.
  • If there is a workshop or teaching lesson that you want to sign up for, write to Mia via , which day you want to attend a team or event.
  • When you have received the green light from Mia (if there is room on the team, the event, etc.), you just come to the teaching / workshop.
  • The first time you come, you will be given a 10-trip card. We make a hole in the card every time you come to an event, a workshop or a lesson.
  • You must remember to show your card to the teacher or to Mia / Søren, before the start of teaching.

Price for a 10-trip card:

1100 kr.

Ie. the price with a cut card is DKK 110 for a teaching hour / event / workshop per. person

In comparison with the other prices:

Normal price for one teaching hour / event / workshop per. person is DKK 100.

Pop-up price is DKK 125 for one teaching hour / event / workshop per. person if you pay the same day.


NOTE: The card is valid for six months from the date of purchase (unused clips are non-refundable, the purchase is binding). The validity is extended by any. Corona shutdown.