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Meet Tanja Siebert fra Tyskland,

Lexys Santiaguero og Yosvany Torres from Danmark

Cuban Son bootcamp

In order to offer Cuban son in the Casa’s, we have arranged a number of Cuban son lounges/workshops several times.

So now again, we offers you that you can participate in several son workshops, over a whole weekend. But this time we spice it all up with workshops in Cuban salsa.

We welcome:

“Cubansk son & salsa weekend”den 28. 28. – 29. oktober.

This time we have invitet Lexys, Tanja og Yosvany to come to the Casa and make a fantastic dance weekend with son workshops

We offer a wide range of different workshops.
Så har du altid drømt om at danse son, ønsker du at lære flere finesser til din salsadans, eller vil du danse “Rueda specialties”, så kom og vær med.

You can register with or without a partner. We will try to the best of our ability to make the follower/leader distribution to go up.

We have 3 dance rooms available this weekend and we are filling them all with Cuban flavor.

See you at Casa Bailar at Industrivej 44C

about son

Son – the traditional Cuban dance – is the mother of all Cuban dances – the mother of “salsa” or “casino”.

Son dances “a contra tiempo” – because the son music “tells” us so.
Son is a very elegant dance and there are a number of special son characters.

In Timba music, there is almost always a son part (often at the beginning of the melody) and then a change to “en tiempo” (the “normal” salsa rhythm). But there are also pieces of music that switch between son rhythm and salsa rhythm several times along the way.
This means that son dancers will not only be able to dance son, but will also be able to interpret Timba music more easily in the dance.

Workshops og events

Class overview

Subject to change

Level description:

NOTE! When you buy a ticket, you choose the level according to your level in son.

(Any salsa workshops are chosen on the days based on your level in salsa).

Begynder workshops – Her kan du danse med, hvis du enten har danset lidt salsa/son eller aldrig har danset son før. If you register for beginner level, you can only dance at beginner level in son. Or the workshops that say “all levels”.
Improver/Intermediate workshops – You have danced salsa/son at intermediate level before or have danced for at least 1 year. At this level you can dance with all improver/intermediate workshops as well as those where it says “all levels”.
Intermidiate/Advanced workshops – you are an experienced salsa/son dancer.
You can dance along at all intermediate/advanced workshops as well as at those where it says “all levels”.
If you want to change levels along the way, contact the teachers or Mia.

Ticket types and prices:

Fullpass covers the workshops on both days and the after party. Prices: DKK 1,200 for couples and DKK 700 for followers/leaders

Halfpass dækker workshops lørdag og afterparty. Priser: 1000,- kr. for par og 650,- kr. for followers/leaders

Halfpass sunday workshops søndag. Priser: DKK 550, – kr. for couples. DKK 375,- kr. for followers/leaders

Dinnerticket købes særskilt. (Link wil be here soon – week 41).

No event found!


Can everyone participate in your workshops?

Yes, in principle, everyone can participate in our workshops. However, there will be some divided by age or level.
There will be workshops involving food and alcohol, and you might not want to bring your children along.
Will would like to arrange a lot of cool events so there is something for every taste, physical ability and age group.
As we at Casa Bailar are very fond of dance & music, music and dance will definitely be included in some of our workshops and not everyone likes that.

Do you need a partner for your workshops?

No, you do not necessarily have to have a partner for all our workshops.
There will be workshops focusing on mindfulness, yoga, food, etc. and no partner is necessary.
We are happy to help find a partner if required. – whether you are a leader (male) or follower (female). We can not promise anything, but we make an honest effort to help those who want to participate.

How much does it cost and how do I pay to sign up?

Our workshops can usually be purchased in the shop on this page.
There may also be drop-in events where you can pay via mobile pay or bank transfer. In our event calendar or on Facebook you will find more information on how to buy tickets/pay for events.
The prices are very different and depends on the time, place or type of workshop.

Contact us today

You can use the contact form
and send us an inquiry.

Otherwise you are also very welcome to contact us at:

Telephone: +45 53 64 21 77


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