Halloween Salsa Party (d. 30.10.2021)

Halloween Salsa Party at Casa Bailar Studio. Tonight’s program: at 18:00 the door opens for the diners (Today’s menu: Pumpkin soup (vegan), home-baked buns and dessert) at 19.30 the door opens for all guests with a dance ticket at 19.30 The Kizomba Lounge opens in Lille Sal at 19.45- 20.30 there is an introductory lesson […]

Latin Dance Night @Skybar

Kom til Latin Dance Night med Casa Bailar Studio på Scandic CPH Strandpark lørdag d. 11 september samt lørdag d. 30 oktober. Der er fri adgang til begge events! Eventet starter kl. 19.00 begge datoer med undervisning i dans af Lexys Santiaguero Gonzales fra kl. 19.30 til kl. 20.15. Derefter er der fri dans med […]

Salsa Suelta with Elena Rado

The weather seems to be good now on Saturday, so we offer 1 hour teaching in Salsa Suelta with our own dance teacher Elena Rado. Salsa Suelta means “loose salsa” and is often danced at Latin American parties, where a larger group dances together in line, ie. side by side instead of couple dancing, which […]

LATINODANCE with Anja Stryhn

We have invited Anja from Salsa Næstved to come and teach here at Casa Bailar in Roskilde. She will give us an hour of teaching with her concept LATINODANCE, which consists of series from all over the standard Latin world. Come and learn the basic steps of Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Tango and so on. Prepare […]

Reggaeton, salsaton & fun latin moves with Steffen T.

Casa Bailar Steffen

We have invited Steffen from Salsa Clave from Aarhus and teach with us Casa Bailar in Roskilde. During the workshop, Steffen mixes steps from reggaeton, salsa & his own fun latin moves. Steffen kommer til lære os en masse fede trin, som han herefter sætter sammen til Casa Bailar egen fællesdans . Måske den nye […]

Salsa par (begins & continues) m. Rikke and Enzo

For English below) Then we have invited Rikke and Enzo from Salsa Slagelse to teach a workshop with us in Casa Bailar It is as part of our collaboration to promote dance in the rest of Zealand outside KBH. Some know both teachers from Salsa Slagelse, while others have met Enzo and Rikke for their […]

Salsa footwork with Dennis Bertolazza (outdoors)

We succeed in getting Dennis from Copenhagen Salsa Academy (CSA) to Roskilde to, among other things, do a Salsa Footwork workshop. A fun and energetic hour perfect for you who want to improve your coordination and musicality, and who will get better at using your whole body when you dance. Here you will learn how […]

Salsa for couples with Dennis Bertolazza (outdoors)

(For English see below). We succeed in getting Dennis from Copenhagen Salsa Academy (CSA) to Roskilde to, among other things, make a Salsa couple workshop. Salsa cuban fusion – continues / easy level (couple dance) Refresh basic combinations in couple dance, and get new inspiration: we build on some of the most used twists and […]

2 cool workshops with Steffen from Salsa Clave in Aarhus

Casa Bailar Workshops Steffen

relating to. our 2 workshops (in english see below): Steffen Tofthøj Kristiansen visited Roskilde in 2019, where he did some cool and different workshops, which was a huge success. Ever since, we have been asked if he can do similar workshops in Roskilde again soon. And now we are so lucky that Steffen has agreed […]