Event Management of weddings

Do you want a ekstraordinary wedding?

Let us help with the planning.

Do you dream of a specific theme?

Do you dream of a specific theme that reminds you of the time you met each other? Or a trip you have been on? Maybe you dream of a wedding with pomp and splendor? Or would you like to have your wedding in the garden or even have the whole wedding in the garden?

Maybe you also have wild thoughts about a wedding underwater or in the air?

Everything is potentially possible: you decide the boundaries - we set the framework

Let us help you with the planning of the whole wedding or just parts of the party.

We can arrange everything from entertainment, music, food,  décor and decoration. We can also provide the finest wedding table setting. 

Will also like to plan and organize your bachelorette party.

Contact us so we can help lay out a plan for your dream wedding.

Many years of experience

Over the years, we have built up a wide range of experience with events ranging from 3 to 300 people.

Theme parties

We have been planning special theme parties: Oktoberfests, Christmas and New Year parties, Halloween and Carnival parties, Caribbean nights or Hawaiian parties, James Bond and 60’s parties and much much more.


Let us take care of the whole planning or let us take over parts of your party. You decide.

Contact us if you are curious about how we can make your / your next party one that you / you and the guests will never forget.

Has it piqued your interest? Contact us for more information


What can we offer?

we are one family-run event agency , which despite its size delivers tailor-made solutions according to needs and budget.

Pga. a wide range of partners, we can deliver both full-service events, package solutions or smaller deliveries.

We just need to find out what your needs and desires are. Regardless of the size of your event, the quality is high and the project management is efficient.

How do we work?

Initial conversations can be by phone or email. 

But we prefer personal advice and a physical meeting. We then prepare a non-binding offer.

If the offer is accepted, we prepare a project plan in collaboration with you with a transparent budget, so you can follow step by step all the way. This also ensures that there are no unforeseen costs.

What does it cost?

The price depends on the size, time, complexity and location of the event.

Therefore, we cannot provide a standard price for our services. But we are happy to make a non-binding offer based on your wishes and requirements.

It is always allowed to make options and de-selections based on the budget, before a possible agreement is entered into. Thereafter, budget deviations only occur if they have been agreed in advance.

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Otherwise you are also very welcome to contact us at:

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